Wednesday, August 01, 2007

If I could turn back TIOME!

Highlights from the diner girl road trip. Too tired to discuss in detail.

Accidentally broke into Ft. Knox
Got to reenact the Prehistoric Forest scene from Tommy Boy
Karaoked to Cher
Hung out with bleacher bums at an Irish pub in Cleveland and discovered my love for Guiness and apple cider
Wore tshirts with the phrase "I Love Butt Drugs" to 2 baseball games, causing more than 100 people to inquire (drunkenly) "what are butt drugs?" Hint: it's a pharmacy.
Joined in a "soul train" line on a Chicago cruise
Visited 6 states in 6 days
Stayed in a glitzy Mag Mile hotel for about $50.
Gazed upon the genius that was the werewolf mask and red leather jacket from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame
Visited a 2 story outhouse
Had the best chocolate malt of my life at Butt Drugs
Spent 6 days with 2 of the coolest chicks to ever walk the planet

Good gravy. There's oodles more. Manda took nearly 3000 pics (not an exaggeration) That's all I've got for this day.
Enjoy some pics

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