Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Not dead in a fiery car crash. Not wandering in the desert after a psychopath put a car on top of me b/c Grissom loves me. Just lazy and busy. What a bizarre combination. Too busy to think straight. Too lazy to care much. What we do have, dear people, is an almost FO. Yeah, just almost. If I had a little bit more moments of sanity, it'd be an FO, but for now, it's just almost.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

We covered the doing stuff, on to the knitting

Finally, a cured child and time to knit. All things are looking up. We're in talks with a Montessori school for Perrin. They are a lot more flexible and nurturing for the unique child. I'm optimistic that we'll find someone who has the patience and compassion to teach Perrin and not treat him like an out-of-control brat.
Yes, yes, knitting.
Here's a little progress report on my cardigan.
Brown Sheep cotton fleece
Size 7 needles
It's a standard top down, raglan style cardigan in stockinette, with the celtic cable from "Girl from Auntie" on reverse stockinette sleeves. The rest of the cardi will be simple and plain, but with gorgeous buttons. I'm going for the classy style that I believe I might finally be able to pull off. Less skulls and junior department print tees for this grown-ass woman. I'm knocking on 30; time to put away the kid's stuff. I'm actually wearing skirts and dresses these days. Once I no longer look like Susan Powter, I might actually resemble something of a girly girl, which is what I really am on the inside. I've been watching too much Tim Gunn, babes.

Yeah, I know I take shitty pictures. I'm definitely not a photographer. Oh, and I'm fickle and switched my blog title back to its original name. Like you care.