Monday, August 27, 2007

Get thee to a nunnery!

Ophelia, she is finished. Here are the pics and this is the gist.

Pattern by A Mingled Yarn.
Yarn used: Just over 3 skeins of LB Cotton ease
A little about this yarn. My newest and dearest love. Cheap, easy to work with, stretchy for a cotton blend, and dreamy knitted up. This entire cardigan cost me a little over $8 to knit. Can't beat that deal.
The pattern: Perfection. Well-written, adorable, and enough lace to keep it interesting without being too complicated to knit whilst watching TV. In fact it took me about 8 days of knitting during the kiddo's naps and in the evenings watching the summer fluff. I love this little cardigan. It is just the right weight and coverage for chilly mornings here in Chicago, cutesy enough to throw on a t-shirt and pretend I'm girly. I could see this going with jeans, a skirt (like I'd wear one), and even a little summer dress. Gloriana has created something I will wear often and will very likely knit again for my little sister, who would look darling in this. Jen, if you read this, I'm talking bout you babe.


Elizabeth said...

So exciting! Your Ophelia looks wonderful, and I'm so glad you found the pattern easy to work from. Great job!

amanda said...