Sunday, August 26, 2007

Breathless Antici (Frankfurter pause) Pation

I am very nearly close to completing 2 projects. One is the purple cabled tube top thingy, which is looking like it's going to look like ass on me. The other is the Ophelia cardigan by A Mindled Yarn. Check out the pattern, um, over there to the left...that's the link. I'm loving this knit, but there will be oodles of info on that when I get done with it. For now, kiddos, I leave you with a video. Anybody who is offended by flaming homosexuality and lewd behavior, I'd not click on it. If you are a super cool person, however, do check this out. It's a song from the Diner Girl Road Trip 07 and has been stuck in my head for DAYS!!!!
I now present Scissor Sisters, "Filthy Gorgeous." Not a new song, but still a badass one. Enjoy....if you dare.

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