Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thermal is finished! I hate it!

here it is folks. The sweater that took me about 5 weeks or so to complete. It still doesn't have buttons, but that's just cuz I'm too lazy to scrounge for some at the moment. Bottom turned out great, the yarn is yummy, and I like it a lot. However, it looks terrible on me. I have a very short body, this sweater cuts right at my waist, which is on top of my 42 inch or so legs, making me look like someone smashed my head into my armpits. Just not right for my body type. I will gift it to the lovely, petite sister of mine who gets everything I knit with the optimism of a person who knows they are a size 12 and insists on making clothes that are a size whatever.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Give up the ham

this is purely a picture post, although not one of them will be of thermal. I'm getting so damned tired of it, but it IS almost finished. So in lieu of FO, I present to you.....

Perrin in love

Me and my sister Steph during our visit to TX

And the last snowfall of the year.

Did I forget to mention that we got approved for our home loan? So it seems that we may be moving to either Naperville or Wheaton this summer. I'm so excited I could pee myself.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Etsy on the way

I'm going to set up an etsy shop as soon as I can get some decent pics of my original design sweaters and shirts. I just need to pay off my credit card badly, and before I can even think of buying new yarn, I need some cashola. I'm probably going to be knitting mostly children's clothes, but I'll throw in some necklaces I'm making with some dyed hemp yarn. I'm crossing my fingers that I can make a little money from this. I've seriously gotta curb the spending. With the trip to Ranger in May and my road trip with the diner gals in July, my debt will be sky-high. And if you casually come across this blog and are in need of a wedding dress, I'll be posting a link to the ebay shop I'm setting up as well.
Please check it out when I get it set up. I'll link it on the sidebar. Warm fuzzies to all my peeps.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Persephone has come home

It is spring! And as evidence, my front yard has sprouted some lovely purple flowers. The snow has melted, the rain has come, and the day is long.
Updates on Thermal:
I am furiously knitting the 2nd sleeve. I'm growing quite weary of this pattern, only in that it is taking me forever and a day to get it done, and I want so much to wear this before it's too warm.
My next project is Cubs koozies for my diner gals for our summer road trip to 4 games in 4 days. I can't wait. Kelly has sent me daily texts with her excitement and apparent lack of bladder control over this trip. Her and Manda are hard core Cubs fans, whereas I truly do not follow any sports. I'm just in this for the fun of being with my girls; when the 3 of us are together, I feel sorry for anyone brave enough to be around us. We are insane, over-the-top fun, and loud. My favorite 2 people in the world not related to me. Kelly and I go way back to junior high; she rescued me from a very toxic friendship, took me under her wing, and revived me from a shy wallflower to the brazen chica that those closest to me get to see. She also introduced me to John and forced us to express our feelings for each other when we otherwise might not have. I have no doubt that in 80 years, we'll be screaming at nurses together to get us more brandy.
And next, the wedding. Beautiful day of joy and family. It rained, but it forced all the guests to hang out together in the little clubhouse. We danced, drank a lot of spumante, and watched as Jen and Brian expressed their devotion to each other. His father made a toast that made everyone teary and the best man dropped Jen's ring. Jen was stunning as usual, and once her nervousness subsided, she partied with the rest of us. I sang "Lady in Red" directly to her with at least 2 video cameras on me, but after the first verse, I was living it up. I honestly thought I was going to either vomit or pass out, but I had fun with it. Jen and my mom both cried, as this was one of our many songs we all sang together as kids. I am so ready for karoake now. Singing in front of an audience has both been my greatest dream and my greatest fear for as long as I can remember.
Life is sweet. Love is grand.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Check out this hot chica!

Beth Ditto of The Gossip. This is hands-down my new favorite band. She kicks so much ass it ought to come with a warning. Voice like butta, body like whoa, and she crochets in this video. A big girl with big talent. Did I mention cowbell? Oh yes, cowbell. Check her out.

More on trip to Texas, progress of Thermal, and yours truly's debut as the wedding singer. Later, babies, later. For now, rock out!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Gone, baby, gone

Tomorrow morning we are on our fantastic voyage to TX for Jen's wedding to the marvelous and adorable Brian. A Tucker she will be no more. Only one girlie left to marry off :)
I'm so excited to get out of this cold for awhile. It's in the 70s in TX right now; how super-dee-duper. We shall return to the tundra in a week. I should have thermal nearly done by then. I've got the body done and shoulders sewn together. On to the sleeves, which are brilliantly knit in the round to the cap. Why aren't more sweater patterns done in the round as far as they can be? It's just common sense.
I browsed through Glampyre's book, Fitted Knits, and I must say, I have gotta have this book. Simplistic, elegant, and sexy are her patterns. However, since I just spent a bajoogles on yarn, the new Interweave, and other misc crap I don't really need, I'll have to hold off until I actually plan on knitting something from it.
Well, I have to get to Texas.