Friday, April 27, 2007

Strangers with candy

Some days, my faith in humanity is restored to its usual vibrance just by a total stranger showing some compassion and genuine empathy. It seems rare these days that this happens, as when Perrin is throwing his legendary tantrums. This is usually a time of much dread at watching an array of shocked onlookers who are quietly whispering to their friends "What's wrong with that kid?" However, today as I was battling with the kiddo at the museum to get his jacket on, and he's thrashing like a great white with a seal, a mom walked over to me, put her hand on my shoulder and told me I was a great mom and that I had so much patience. She said, "We've all been there, and I think you're doing a great job." I almost cried. It was so sweet and so unexpected. She didn't have to comfort me; she could have just walked away with her kids, feeling sorry for me. Instead, she took the few seconds and made someone feel better about a difficult situation. I wanted to kiss her full on the lips, I tell ya. If more of us took the time to verbally show our empathy to total strangers, maybe our world could be a little more pleasant. Just wanted to share.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Stop it now. I mean it. Anybody want a peanut?

Not a whole lot of progress here. Mostly b/c I have returned to my first love...reading. I joined a book club and am feverishly devouring "The Other Boleyn Girl" by Phillipa Gregory. It is fascinating and beautifully tragic. It is a fictional account of Anne Boleyn's sister, Mary, as her family forced her to become Henry VIII's mistress so that she could bear the heir and gain favor for them. It's delightful. They wanted her to be queen; she only wanted to be a farmer's wife and raise her babies.
Back to knitting. I am working on the cardigan, but I have decided to do the bat shaped lace from Barbara Walker's third treasury instead of the one Stefanie Japel wrote out for it. I just want something a little different. I'm almost out of yarn, and the yarn shop is out of it, so it's on hold for awhile. Gives me more time to wallow in the affairs of 16th century England.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Ultralord is not afraid of chickens

Progress on the lovely puff-sleeved cardi is going well. I'm suddenly back in love with the microspun. I made Mariposa with it when I was still a newb to knitting, and the yarn split so much I wanted to throw it across the room on more than one occasion. Now that I'm more experienced and have the awesome super sharp Knitpicks Options set, this yarn is once again in my good graces.
Now, for life stuff. I'm so overwhelmingly, smack-yo-mama happy right now I could just squeeeeee. In the last few months, I have made a tremendously awesome friend, watched as my son did the same, bought a great house to spend the next chapter of my life in, and fulfilled one of my greatest dreams. Not too shabby, eh? My marriage is so wonderful; I love John a little more every time I look at him. Perrin is growing to be such a funny, sweet little person that has this unique personality that will inevitably cause him to be both an exhausting and amazing person to know. I have several things to look forward to - the move to Naperville, my trip to TX to see my baby sis graduate high school, and the arrival of "the diner gals" in July for our Cubs road trip. I know where my life is heading, and I am loving every second of it.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

the Superwoman's capelet

This darling thing took maybe 4 hours to complete. Delightfully fun and easy as well. Forgive the lack of cutesy closure; I'm thinking maybe hanging some cute charms on the safety pin instead of a broach. I like to be different.

I'm currently engaged in the puff sleeved cardigan from Stefanie Japel's awesome book, "Fitted Knits." I'm using some lavender Microspun Robin gave me ages ago. Progress pics after today's knitting session with Helen.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

"I looked at the trap, Ray."

I've been a busy bee. Here's the stuff I've been knitting. A messenger style backpack that will be embroidered and felted for your pleasure. And this darling capelet inspired by one Anthropolgie. Got this pattern from Crafster. I'm actually about halfway done with it now; I took this pic yesterday. I'm knitting it with 2 strands of Caron Simply Soft together. The messenger is the leftover of the Peer Gynt wool that I made 2 other bags out of. It's a tad too scratchy to do anything but felted things.

Oh, and then there's the hair thing. I've used Manic Panic dye before and have noticed that it faded to a gross orangey pink after just 3 washes. Not my cup o' tea. So, I took the advice of some chicas on Punk Rock Domestics and invested in some kick-ass Special Effex in Nuclear Red. Trust me, honies. This color is insanely red. Took the kiddo to Burger King today, and the entire restaurant stopped to stare. On to mas knitting.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Ode to the mutha, Thermal take 2, and new hair

"When life gets you down, you know what ya gotta do? Just keep swimming." Dory has the right idea, and my mom broke it down to me like this. "This too shall pass." When I was in the Army, and I would cry myself to sleep, those words from my mother kept me alive. Restored the hope that no matter what life threw at me, I could overcome. I want those words with me always. So here they my mother's actual handwriting. Thank you Noodles from Tomato Tattoos for giving my mom's words of comfort a permanent home on my body. And thank you Mom, for being a constant force of strength and beauty in my life. I love you.

Oh, and here's the new hair. The yellow was just the middle man from black to red. Can't have the cuteness without a little bleachiness.

And last, but not least, the freshly blocked Thermal. Original picture - preblocked. Looked craptacular.

And now, voila - a sweater I will wear. Who knew that blocking could add SEVERAL inches to this sweater. A lot of girls on the knitalong have expressed issues with the shortness, but after 1 wonderful gal said she was able to lengthen substantially by blocking, I thought I'd give it another chance. Sorry, Jen, this one's a keeper.

Friday, April 06, 2007

So...bought a house today

This is our new house in Naperville. We move in at the end of June. I'm so excited I could just keel right over. It's got 4 bdrms, so John and I will get our own offices. I will finally get my own room for all my yarn :)
Woo hoo!!!!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Name that color: This IS a test

This is a very important question. Is this color on my head:

A. Pink
B. Red

If you do not think this is a very important question, meet my husband. Then you will see that it IS indeed a VERY important question. Or rather, the most ridiculous and inane debate known to man. We have our fun. Thank you and goodnight.

Amy Singer at Loopy

Helen and I drove into Chicago last night to meet the very funny Amy Singer and to get a few pics with the gal. I followed the herd and bought her new book, "No Sheep For You," which I had no intention of buying originally. However, after perusing it in the line to meet her, I realized that it was a terrific book. If you've ever wondered what the hell modal, tencel, and viscose was, read this book. Want to know how they're all made and how they're different from other fibers, read this book. There are comparison charts that help with subbing nonwools for wool, which I'm really digging b/c lately I've noticed a slight senstivity to wool. Not exactly an allergy, just an overwhelming itchiness that is bothersome.
There are some great patterns in this book as well. There are at least 4 that I would love to dive into immediately, but alas, I've taken a vow of yarn celibacy.
So here we are with the lovely Amy and her cute little autograph for me.

Monday, April 02, 2007

She likes her hair to be real orange. She uses tangerines

So...I got bored. Should I leave it orangey or should I cover it? I was thinking a bright red or even a dark blue. Hmmmm....what next?

Edit: I've decided I kinda dig it. I'm going to keep it for awhile.