Monday, August 13, 2007

Cuz you're filthy. And I'm gorgeous.

Lookeee. An actual WIP. I started on this during my girly road trip a coupla weeks ago. I'm almost finished. Gotta sew on the cabled edge at the top and figure out what the harfnar I'm going to do with the bottom. I was going for the cutesy baby doll top kinda thing, but I always get lazy and bind off too short. needs length. Just a few inches of another cutesy edging perhaps or doing the same cabling at the bottom. Still working ou the kinks.
My hubby has commissioned the weirdest thing ever. He wants me to knit a tube for the plastic sacks we keep for various tasks around the house. He said, "Like a sock, you know? With a small hole at the bottom to pull the sacks out." Now doesn't that sound like oodles and oodles of mind-numbing circular knitting? I'll get around to it eventually, I suppose, since he is nice and stuff. After this stockinette nightmare, I'll probably end up doing some kind of intricate cabling or something to break up the monotony. Won't that be fab?


amanda said...

Yay for WIPs. I like the "sack" idea . . . interested in what you come up with!

Robin said...

Hey, Call me! We need to catch up!