Thursday, October 16, 2008

Something Kinda Heathered Blue

This is the project I've been working on for the last 3 weeks. I'm amazed I got it done this quickly, since life crap has just exploded in my face. I was determined to get it finished b/c it was made for a friend, and I like to get things done in a timely manner for peeps I dig. For myself, I linger on a project for a lot longer than necessary b/c I let that life crap hover over me.
Anyway, here are the deets.
Pattern - Something Red by Wendy Bernat. Excellent pattern. I love her stuff so much, and I will definitely make one of theses babies for myself when I lose the 15 lbs I gained over the summer. More life crap.
Yarn - Knitpicks Swish Superwash in Delft. Lovely yarn, knits up like a dream. You can't really tell from my craptacular photography, but it has little slivers of purple throughout, and it is stunning. The yarn is super duper soft too, and a little tumble in the dryer after a wooly soakage made is even more soft. I will def use this more for myself. Very reasonably priced too.
Size and mods - 45" bust. The only mods I made were to Emily's measurements that she gave me. She wanted the sleeves 3/4 length, so I extended them to 14." She also wanted the sweater to hit at her hips, so the ribbing is a bit shorter than some of the others I've seen. Hope she likes it. I blocked the hell out of it in hopes of getting just the ribbing to look a little longer without going over the length she gave me. She can tweak it a bit more at home if she likes. The beauty of wool
I got a cute little button with a celtic looking knot on the front, and voila! I am so nervous that she won't like it, or that it won't fit. She lives in TX, so I wasn't able to do the cool "try it on as you go" thing, but she was so easy to work with and gave me all the measurements along the way that I needed.