Monday, April 02, 2007

She likes her hair to be real orange. She uses tangerines

So...I got bored. Should I leave it orangey or should I cover it? I was thinking a bright red or even a dark blue. Hmmmm....what next?

Edit: I've decided I kinda dig it. I'm going to keep it for awhile.


Helen said...

wait........ ummm. is that bleach? because you said NO MORE bleach. where's John?? and...glad to have seen this. so i won't be shocked to see you Wednesday.

and i LOVE the title of this post. i can sing that whole song!!!!

Subhuman Superwoman said... is bleach. But it's the super gentle, won't wreck your hair kind. My hair actually still feels like hair. John thinks it's cute, but he did give me a hard time about it. I love that song too. My BF in high school used to sing it all the time b/c my hair was orange then too.

Robin said...

It's ok, Helen. I freaked out on the violation of the no-bleach rule myself. Glad to know it's the gentler kind, Tucker. Looks good, too! My hair has gone almost black (naturally). bleh