Thursday, April 12, 2007

"I looked at the trap, Ray."

I've been a busy bee. Here's the stuff I've been knitting. A messenger style backpack that will be embroidered and felted for your pleasure. And this darling capelet inspired by one Anthropolgie. Got this pattern from Crafster. I'm actually about halfway done with it now; I took this pic yesterday. I'm knitting it with 2 strands of Caron Simply Soft together. The messenger is the leftover of the Peer Gynt wool that I made 2 other bags out of. It's a tad too scratchy to do anything but felted things.

Oh, and then there's the hair thing. I've used Manic Panic dye before and have noticed that it faded to a gross orangey pink after just 3 washes. Not my cup o' tea. So, I took the advice of some chicas on Punk Rock Domestics and invested in some kick-ass Special Effex in Nuclear Red. Trust me, honies. This color is insanely red. Took the kiddo to Burger King today, and the entire restaurant stopped to stare. On to mas knitting.

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amanda said...

Wow, your hair is awesome. Do you like it?

Thermal looks great, by the way. And, I'm looking forward to seeing your Anthropologie-inspired capelet! I think that's what it is in the pic...