Thursday, April 05, 2007

Name that color: This IS a test

This is a very important question. Is this color on my head:

A. Pink
B. Red

If you do not think this is a very important question, meet my husband. Then you will see that it IS indeed a VERY important question. Or rather, the most ridiculous and inane debate known to man. We have our fun. Thank you and goodnight.


Helen said...

crap. don't make me pick. i daresay it is red from here....but i wouldn't bet my life on it

Subhuman Superwoman said...

Yay! You pass. Even Perrin says it's red. My poor darling hubster thinks it's pink.

tlcd104 said...

Welllllllll......I would say it is

jmarx20 said...

I'm going to have to say it is blue...b/c I can!!