Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thermal is finished! I hate it!

here it is folks. The sweater that took me about 5 weeks or so to complete. It still doesn't have buttons, but that's just cuz I'm too lazy to scrounge for some at the moment. Bottom turned out great, the yarn is yummy, and I like it a lot. However, it looks terrible on me. I have a very short body, this sweater cuts right at my waist, which is on top of my 42 inch or so legs, making me look like someone smashed my head into my armpits. Just not right for my body type. I will gift it to the lovely, petite sister of mine who gets everything I knit with the optimism of a person who knows they are a size 12 and insists on making clothes that are a size whatever.


Helen said...

i should try it on just cuz...just to see if i like it before i spend time and money.

amanda said...

Aww, too bad it didn't work out. But at least you have someone to give it to. Good work!