Thursday, April 05, 2007

Amy Singer at Loopy

Helen and I drove into Chicago last night to meet the very funny Amy Singer and to get a few pics with the gal. I followed the herd and bought her new book, "No Sheep For You," which I had no intention of buying originally. However, after perusing it in the line to meet her, I realized that it was a terrific book. If you've ever wondered what the hell modal, tencel, and viscose was, read this book. Want to know how they're all made and how they're different from other fibers, read this book. There are comparison charts that help with subbing nonwools for wool, which I'm really digging b/c lately I've noticed a slight senstivity to wool. Not exactly an allergy, just an overwhelming itchiness that is bothersome.
There are some great patterns in this book as well. There are at least 4 that I would love to dive into immediately, but alas, I've taken a vow of yarn celibacy.
So here we are with the lovely Amy and her cute little autograph for me.

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Helen said...

niiiiiice job. i have no such photo-editing skills.