Monday, January 15, 2007

Only time will tell if wishing wells will bring us anything

I just wanted to buy some knitty stuff, so I finally bought the Knitpicks Options set. Verdict - they rock muchly! I never used the Denise's so I don't know how they compare, but I love nickel-plated needles and they're all pointy and sweet, so I love them.
I also really wanted this tote from Natalie Dee. She has this awesome site with totally hilarious and often insane daily cartoons. And she knits. So I have a crushlet on her of course. Here's the bag.

And here is finished Wavy from some chick at I'll look it up later. Still plaguey, remember? I have an excuse to be lazy. I'm not showing my face because I look dreadful, and no one needs to see that.


Ceci said...

That bag is TOO! CUTE! I want one. :D And your profilic and lovely knitting still amazes me. Hope you're feeling better. HUG.

Cathi said...

That bag is totally badass!