Sunday, January 14, 2007

Make your time

Well, we're all plaguing it up again here in the house of crazy. I am to that point of being sick and tired where I will just suddenly burst into tears upon looking at the mess in the kitchen that is piling up b/c not one person in this house has enough energy to clean up after themselves. I am VERY OCD, and anyone who knows me well will vouch for this, so it's killing me that for 3 days, 3 people have been wallowing in their own germy ickiness with no one to come and rescue us. This is the hard part about being a gazillion miles away from friends and family. There's no one to call up and beg to bring you some soup or something. John is slowly pulling himself out of muck so he was able to go wrangle me up some pills. Must keep reminding myself that "this too shall pass." Thanks Mom.

On the goodness front, it looks like we may actually be able to buy a house at the end of our lease. I wasn't too thrilled with the idea of throwing away more money by renting. We'd very likely not be buying here in Downers Grove, since you either have to be excessively rich or be living in your parents house to afford to live here. I'm excited about once again being able to live in a home that suits our personality...or at least one that we can paint outrageous shades of green. :)

In knitting, I'm almost finished with Wavey from Knitty. I used Caron Simply Soft in this shiny navy blue which I love. I haven't been working on it much b/c Jen and Brian were here and now I've got the plague. Yes, I'm melodramatic.
Once I am healed of this sickness, I will post some more pics of the Lestico visitation and possibly have my first scarf completed.

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helen said...

well, since i didn't hang with you, i did ZERO knitting today :p

get better!