Sunday, January 21, 2007

I get a little warm in my heart when I think of winter

I just realied that the titles of my posts probably make absolutely no sense to anyone who lives outside of my brain. Most of them are song lyrics; the others are inside jokes or pop culture references between me and my sister.
this particular one is from Tori Amos' "Winter."

Winter. The ever elusive somewhat ethereal abstract season that those of us from Texas believe only exists in some sort of parallel universe. Children spend Christmases playing outside in tshirts just hoping that one year they will see snow. To me, snow is the most beautiful of the universe's wonders. The winter I lived in Wisconsin was magical. I lived at the end of a long country rode with canopies of trees overhead. The ice on the branches looked like diamonds, and I could hardly catch my breath as I drove beneath them. Growing up in a part of TX that just turns brown and dead in the winter will make a person appreciate something that to most people is simply a pain in the ass.

My son will never have to wish for a winter wonderland.

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