Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Heat wave

Well, it would appear that I have actual magical powers. And not the super cool make-myself-invisible or the decoding-toddlerspeak powers, but the supreme and ghastly ability to drastically alter a location's natural climate. Is it ever 100 degrees in Chicago? Um, not really. Is it 100 in Chicago now that I'm here? Um, yup. I'm still loving it here b/c let's face beats the hell out of Texas. But seriously, weather gods, I'd like some appropriate coolness. Good news is coming, however, in the form of a thunderstorm which is supposed to return my wonderful new home to its original state....high 80's. I suppose the universe thought I was not prepared for the dramatic change in temperature and decided to gradually welcome me to the Midwest by giving me a brief glimpse at what I was leaving behind before bestowing upon me the deliciousness of weather that doesn't make me insane. Yup, that's gotta be it.

**Yay!!! The weather gods heard my plea, and now it's 80 degrees and perfection again. Disregard heat rant...must have been well, um, the heat.**

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