Monday, August 28, 2006

My new goal

I will only work on one project at a time. I will not CO for one thing, get stumped, and start another. A few months ago, I had 6 projects going on at once. Irritating as all hell was keeping them all arranged so that the needles wouldn't fall out while I shoved them into a drawer only to be scoffed at every time I needed a pair of socks. I started a cardigan for my son in Feb and frogged it a couple of weeks ago b/c I just couldn't bring myself to seam it up and finish the button rows. Oh, and he's grown about 4 inches since then.
So...I am working solely on my latest love affair....Tubey. I will post a progress pic tomorrow. The new addi's I bought are making this an amazingly quick knit.
I started it 3 days ago, and I've finished the back and one sleeve of the shrug-like top. It's sort of perverse how much I enjoy fondling the cashmerino as I knit with it. I might just move into this sweater when I'm done. My mission is to finish it by Sept 16 so that I can wear it to Wisconsin on our mini-vacation. My aunt taught me how to knit with 2 circulars, so I may never use DPNs for sleeves again.
On another note, my newest pattern is burning a hole through my desk waiting to be started. Here it is in all its adorable glory.
Rusted Root from Zephyrstyle

I really do think I need to find a way to function on 3 hours of sleep. Check out this beautimus sweater that is just begging to be knit for my first Chicago winter.
Simply Marilyn from Interweave

Then again, in order to afford the amount of yarn required for this sweater, I'd likely need to sell a kidney, so it can wait.

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