Sunday, August 20, 2006

I can do intarsia. Lookit!!!

I have finally attempted a knitting technique that I believed way beyond my meager "beginner" status. It was so much easier than I had led myself to believe it was. I even designed the chart myself, though considering the simplicity of it, isn't really saying much. It will eventually be a tiny felted handbag that will likely get stashed in a closet somewhere until I no longer have to trek around with a ginormous diaper bag. But damnit, I did it!


helen said...

yay you did it on your own!!! just an FYI for future, more complicated designs...knit sts are taller than they are wide, so some charts need to look funny to actually turn out ok on knitting. use knitter's graph paper instead of regular square graph paper. and when you felt, it shrinks more lengthwise than width wise. so take that all into consideration. but it looks good!

Subhuman Superwoman said...

Thanks Helen. I figured I made it a little too wide, so it'll probably be all jumbly when I felt it. Thanks for the tip; I'll try the knitter's paper.

entrelac said...

Dang, Tucker, that looks great! :)

*bashfully admits to having never made anything with intarsia...other than a very short-lived swatch*

helen said...

gosh ana. and you always yell at me to try new things!!

looks great, Tucker. now try and line it!