Saturday, August 12, 2006

Knittyhead Party at Loopy

As evidence to all that I have, indeed, been making good progress in the "meeting people in real life" department, I give you Exhibit A: Me and some cool girlies at Chicago's Loopy Yarns. This photo is brought to you courtesy of Helen (poetangel of Knitty and blogger AngelKnits)

The party was very fun. Rode the train into Chicago with Helen. She's a really cool girl; it was nice to finally meet her. The girls that run Loopy are beyond helpful and sweet, and the yarn was so cheap, I would've hated myself if I hadn't bought tons of it. Check this out. 8 skeins of Lorna's Dove hand dyed wool/cotton blend (normally $17 a skein) and 8 skeins of Peer Gynt wool - all for $1 a skein! I ended up spending around $20 for yarn that normally would've been about $180. Unbelievable. I believe I shrieked like a howler monkey when the woman behind the register showed me the immense savings. Helen and I went nuts, grabbing as much of our chosen color as we could before the other ladies could see what we were up to. We met up with some other folks that post on Knitty frequently and some regular Friday night knitters. Can't wait to dig in to my new stash. Helen and I have discussed starting up a local knitting group to avoid the weekly hour-long train ride to Loopy.

Can you believe that just 7 years ago I was an agoraphobic virtual shut-in? And now I'm going to parties where I don't know a single soul and actually talking to strangers. Look how far I've come.


helen said...

oh yes. i didn't always like meeting new people. and here i surprise myself by metting first mittenfarce, then you....whoah.

Ceci said...

Wheee!! I'm so happy to see you together! I miss you so much, but am so glad you've found such nice people to hang with. :)

But will they go get tattoo with you?! ;)

Robin said...

Yay!! Very good S.E.X.!

helen said...

not me, Ceci!