Monday, July 31, 2006

Much knitting going on

I finished Picovoli last week. It looks darling, and I'll be posting pics of my darling sister wearing it once it gets to her. I ended up crocheting a beige border around the neck, bottom, and sleeves. I really love the way it turned out. Robin showed me an amazingly easy increase that leaves no holes and looks much more even than the crap I was doing. Thanks, Robin.
I'm currently working on the little baby jumper from the Knitting To Go cards that the Austin SNB girls gave me as a going-away gift. I found some adorable purple Tahki Cotton Classic at the LYS, and it's knitting up like a dream. The first cotton I've actually enjoyed knitting with. I'll be posting pics later this week hopefully.

Of course, all this knitting I'm doing is keeping me away from doing the things I SHOULD be doing. Like, say, unpacking. But one must have her priorities in order.

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Ceci said...

TUCKER! We miss you. Everyone misses you so much we've all fallen sick, hehe. :sniffle, sniffle:
Oh, guess what? I roped in Deana, a longtime friend of mine and Ana's -- now she wants a tattoo, too! YAY!
Working on a design now. ;)