Friday, September 07, 2007

Keeping it unreal

This is my dream hair. This is the fantasy. The long, luscious red hair that I could spend hours brushing and twirling through my fingers. The hair that makes men turn their heads as I walk into the room. A wig is fun as hell to wear. It's soft and shiny, and nowhere near what my hair is capable of being on its own. John says it's incredibly weird, but that he'll get used to it. I'll probably only wear this when I'm in the mood for some pretending. Today, I'm the Little Mermaid.

Even Le Slouche looks better with the long hair.

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Amanda said...

I saw the pics before I read the post and thought "she has my dream hair!" then I read a bit and realized we live in the same fantasy hair world! I, of course, had to check out your myspace to read all the details- your story is just too funny, in a horrific kinda way.... Hope the growing out phase isn't too bad...