Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ima crawl in a hole and cry a little

Preschool didn't work out well at all. Teacher turned out to be a bit of a rigid bitch who would rather churn out little mindless robots than spend a half a second actually teaching children who may need a little extra attention with the huge adjustment that is school. So, after a total of 3 hours, she decided that my son was not right for her program or that her program was not right for my son or what the fuck ever. We withdrew him from the program. Thankfully he doesn't have a clue that his awesome individuality scared the shit out of this idiotic woman, and we can try again later in the year with a more flexible program.
So, now he has an ear infection, and is in total misery. Ever hear a 3 year old whimper with pain? It's the worst sound on the planet.
It's been a hideously awful week. There's been little knitting, little anything other than being pissed or sick or tired. That is all.

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Robin said...

Oh no! Give the little nipper a hug for me, will you?