Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Maybe a prostitute could teach you how to take a compliment

I actually finished the Krista tee a few weeks ago. I knew I would run out of a very impossible to find yarn, so I made it a tank top. I sewed on some i-cord, and I hate it. I like the tank just fine I suppose, even though the cotton is a tad stiff, but I truly despise the i-cord straps. I'm going to take them off and try something else...maybe some a thick band of elastic so that they'll actually stay on.
My new obsession with stenciling has reached mega fun proportions, but I've had to add a few tshirts to my wardrobe to accomodate it. Here's a little sumthin' I whipped up with a handmade stencil (it's our little family symbol John and I will be getting in tattoo form one day) done with the awesome bleach pen.

I'm so over trying to pose all pretty-like, so this is what you're getting.
My first attempt at design is coming along beautifully. Once I finish the cuffs, I'll post a pic. I'm pretty delighted with the way it's turning out, even though I'm not thrilled with the yarn. I think I'm just flat out tired of cotton. I'm ready to go back to wool.
2 weeks till my diner gal road trip! I'm so excited. No, excited is too boring for what I'm feeling about this trip. Elated? Overwhelmingly blissed out? Getting closer.

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Leigh said...

hahaha, awesome face. i'm going to start doing that in my pics now, too. that's right, i plagiarize blatantly.

cute tee, too, and cool way to do it--i never thought of a bleach pen as a fiber art tool, but then shows how much i know...