Tuesday, June 26, 2007

There is no Dana, only Zool.

Now we're getting somewhere. I have felt a sudden surge of inspiration from deep within my belly. I don't know why it's there; I don't question these things. I've been designing my little ass off, knitting feverishly, and making birthday presents with a burst of energy and much fun. Here are the recent fruits of my labor.
The Krista tee. I bought this pattern ages ago and have just never found the time to do it. It's worked flat in pieces, but I'm doing it in the round to the pits, just cuz I hate the seaming. I'm also finally using the green cotton that Robin gave me when I first started knitting. This would be the 3rd project started with it. For some reason, I muck up every pattern I have tried. This time, I think I got it right.

Then there's this darling hat that I designed myself (minus the flower. that required a pattern) for my dear friend Koz, who just had a baby girl this month.

But wait. There's more. Here are the tshirts I've reconstructed for my sisters for their upcoming birthdays. I used stencils I made myself, some strategically sprayed bleach, and cut the long sleeves off.

And just for good measure, I thought I'd throw in the tank top I'm working on. I'm making this out of a sheet that was my husband's as a baby.

Rather productive, wouldn't you say?


Helen said...

totally fun!

MsFortuknit said...

Thats beautiful, is that a white lies pattern?