Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Gone, baby, gone

Tomorrow morning we are on our fantastic voyage to TX for Jen's wedding to the marvelous and adorable Brian. A Tucker she will be no more. Only one girlie left to marry off :)
I'm so excited to get out of this cold for awhile. It's in the 70s in TX right now; how super-dee-duper. We shall return to the tundra in a week. I should have thermal nearly done by then. I've got the body done and shoulders sewn together. On to the sleeves, which are brilliantly knit in the round to the cap. Why aren't more sweater patterns done in the round as far as they can be? It's just common sense.
I browsed through Glampyre's book, Fitted Knits, and I must say, I have gotta have this book. Simplistic, elegant, and sexy are her patterns. However, since I just spent a bajoogles on yarn, the new Interweave, and other misc crap I don't really need, I'll have to hold off until I actually plan on knitting something from it.
Well, I have to get to Texas.

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