Saturday, February 17, 2007

You're just an empty cage, girl, if you kill the bird

Thermal is coming along nicely. Slow as all hell, but gorgeous. I'm loving the knitpicks gloss; it's shimmery and soft and slides along the needle beautifully. I fear this sweater will take me the rest of my winter days to knit, but I'm hoping I can have it done by Jen's wedding in 3 weeks. Must keep knitting obsessively as if there are no other things to be done in life!
The stitch pattern is remarkably easy to memorize and looks darling.
In other news, I met some really cool peeps yesterday. It's remarkable how the universe brings people into our lives at the exact moment we need them. Either to learn from or to teach. As a mom with a high needs child, this woman brought something to my attention that I had definitely been denying for awhile. I'm now pretty sure that my darling boy has been given the not-so-cool genetic gift of Tourettes from me and his father. Looking back at the last 3 weeks it has become more evident from Perrin's behavior that we can no longer keep playing it off as normal toddler defiance. The more research I did on early onset Tourettes, the more obvious the signs. I'll be talking to Perrin's pediatrician this week about finding a specialist to do some testing. It was pretty much inevitable. It breaks my heart, but knowing what the problem is might just be the key we've been looking for.

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Helen said...

those pics over there each week are SO FUN. as for the knitting, of COURSE you will finish it before the wedding. sheesh. and remember, you live up "north" now. Winter is until like, April.