Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Rather fetching, ain't it?

Fetching from Knitty. Used up some remaining Debbie Bliss cashmerino from the doomed tubey. I love these, and I will probably make another pair with the purple cashmerino left in the stash.

I'm super stoked though about the burgundy Knitpicks gloss I just ordered for Thermal. Cosmicpluto has some adorable designs, and she is a close second to Glampyre as far as being awesome with the top down design. I will eagerly await its arrival so I can cast on for the grooviness that is this sweater. It'll probably be the last sweater I knit this winter. I broke my own resolution to knit only from my stash this year, but what the hell? I like knitting sweaters, and I was out of sweater yarn. Next up, buttloads of cotton for summery knits.

I am so daydreaming about the swan lake top from the spring Interweave coming out in a few weeks. Might be buying some yarn for that one soon. So much to knit, so little time and money.

Oh, and there's so much snow going on out there that I'm kinda disoriented. Winter is quite winterly up here. It's in the 70s in the old town. What a strange and wonderful new world I've moved to.


helen said...

AWWW, YAY! so happy you ordered the Gloss. I cannot WAIT to see the finished project! I love this pattern. You may make me add that yarn to my "to-buy" list!

Subhuman Superwoman said...

I'm such a bad influence.