Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tattoo vs. Yarn

The never-ending saga of two over-the-top obsessions (borderline addictions) that are constantly threatening to steal all my money. I have 9 tattoos and have been debating getting a new one - a half sleeve of a phoenix flying out of the fire on my upper left arm. A stunning work of art it would be. A $400 or $500 work of art. The process of getting tattooed is a major high for me and the finished product makes me insanely giddy.
And then there's yarn. I have a weakness for cashmere. And it's sweater weather. The combo is enough to make my heart race with excitement.
So, let's face it. Part of being a red-blooded American is mind-numbing, crippling debt, so I'm fulfilling my patriotic duty by racking up the digits on my credit card.
Well, we'll see which addiction wins the battle.

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