Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ana Rocks!!!!

Last week, I ordered some gorgeous stitch markers from my friend, Ana. Today, I check the mail and lookeeeeee!!!
Not only did she send me the markers I ordered in a lovely wooden box, but she so generously and awesomely sent me some extras and some yummy yarn. Ana is the bee's knees.

Thanks Ana. I love it all.


helen said...

Ana is most definitely the bee's knees!! you need that 220 up here more than she needs it down there, hehe. and some handspun! mmmm

entrelac said...

Wow. You're welcome. I hope that Cotton Classic decides to be nicer to you than it was to me. If not, fwap it some, teach it to behave. ;)

The wooden box was from Robin, all of the purple stitch markers were supposed to be a going away gift...which I totally forgot about until I found them just the other day. *blush*