Thursday, September 14, 2006

Rusted Root Progress

I'm making great progress on Rusted Root by the lovely ladies at Zephyrstyle. This is my first attempt at lace, and despite the crappy photo quality, I'm actually doing it -gasp!- correctly. It took several hours of practicing the section over and over on scrap yarn, but I was determined to get it right. In my quest to be more feminine and less punk, this was the first pattern that really got me excited. Puffy sleeves and cute lace - could it be more darling? (See past posts for pic.)
I'm knitting it with the Lorna's Laces Dove cotton/wool blend I nabbed at the Knitty party at Loopy. It's not my favorite yarn to knit with only b/c it's a little hard on my overly sensitive hands, but it's beautiful. Oh, and if you've noticed a similarity between all the things I knit for myself, yeah, I like purple.

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