Saturday, September 23, 2006

Blogs and the art of wasting time

I've become obsessed with knitting blogs. I could spend hours upon hours reading about a perfect stranger's battle with lace and only slightly feel as if my life is being slowly drained away. It's harmless voyeurism into the lives of fellow knitters. Since I'm far too lazy to actually figure out how to put buttons on the sidebar or even do the links properly, I'm going to just put a few here for anyone who comes to my blog. These are my absolute fave bloggers.

P.S. I finished Rusted Root on Thursday, but the weather has again become cloudy and rainy, so pics will wait for sun. Let me just brag a little and say this is the most adorable thing I've ever made by far. Almost flawless as well.

Enjoy the blogs

And this one, although not a knitting blog, is written by a knitter.

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helen said...

awww, you listed me :)