Tuesday, July 11, 2006

For my homegirls

This is the dawning of my blogging. And I found it fitting to start off with my farewell to my friends. To the girls who have taught me to trust in women again. To the girls who allowed me to embrace being a mother. To the girls who looked past my exterior and chose to befriend the mess that I am. To the girls who led me to my new yarny obsession that has helped ease the devastation of Tourette's Syndrome. I thank you all for teaching me so much about your world, for welcoming me into the fold, and for promising to miss me when I'm gone. I love you all.


Robin said...

Hey, 104.

We love you, too.

entrelac said...

Woohoo! Tucker's got a Blo-og! I LOVE that tagline under the title. I don't have a neat tagline like that....but then, I have the prettypretty template that Zibibbo made for me. Hey, you know? If you were to change 'knitting' to 'tinking' in that tagline, it'd be a perfect alliteration....or would it be too much?