Monday, December 15, 2008

Grace Lace Beret

Slouchy berets are quickly becoming a staple in my wardrobe due mostly to super windy Chicago winters and hair that isn't quite long enough to put back out of my face. I wear my green Le Slouche pretty much daily to take Perrin to school and for those days when I don't feel like dealing with hair at all. So I was pleased as punch (I love that phrase even though I don't understand it) to find this adorable lace beret pattern at The pattern was easy to follow, quick, and too cute for words.
I used Caron Simply Soft b/c I'm on a sort of sabbatical from wool right now. Yeah, it's super warm but every brand seems to be itching me like madness, so there may be a return of my wool allergy from childhood. It blows muchly, but I'm finding a lot of acrylics and cottons that I like just as much and are cheaper anyway.
So here it is in all its unblocked glory. Eventually I'll figure out how to easily block a beret since pinning it out on my head would be rather unwise.

Next up, possibly legwarmers to wear over my jeans and boots for sledding since snowsuits are outrageously expensive.

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Helen said...

you just need a plate that fits inside of it!