Thursday, December 21, 2006

Total Tubey Transformation

Tubey has bit the dust. I finished it 5 months ago (or so) and have never worn it. The fit is all wrong, and despite a half-assed attempt at frogging and redoing most of the body, it still looks craptacular on me. So, I will be turning my poor tubey into this gorgeous cardigan. That's right, Helen. I'm going to seam!!!! Wish me luck. I may give myself a brain aneurysm sewing this up, but if it turns out as lovely as the picture, I'll be wrapping myself in cashmere goodness for the rest of the winter.

In other news, the plague is still swimming around in my boys' bodies. Perrin had a little two day bug, and John has strep throat following a week of the flu. Girlies, if you thought it was tough dealing with a sick hubby, try nursing TWO boys back to health. Whining, whining, and more whining. But I love 'em; I even baked them oatmeal raising cookies. Now who rocks?


helen said...

i will help with the seaming! too bad you will be completely done by the time i see you again ;-)

Subhuman Superwoman said...

Thanks. I will likely need it.