Sunday, December 31, 2006

No surgeries in 2007!!!

That is #1 on my New Year's Resolutions. I realize, of course, that I have no real control over this, but a girl can dream.
Here's the rest.

Start designing knitwear for the masses, including multiple sizes.
Not buy more yarn until my stash is officially busted. (This will be the hardest to keep)
Stop drinking so damn many sodas.
Try smiling a little more so people won't think I'm going to eat their babies.
Start (and stay in) a playgroup. (Actually, THIS might be the hardest to keep)
Go off all my meds.

I think these are realistic goals for the coming year. Last year pretty much sucked, starting with the gall bladder surgery the first week, followed by the diagnosis of both high cholesterol and bipolar disorder. Yippee! Then came the grueling 6 month process of moving out of state, leaving behind my friends and family for greener pastures.
Let's hope this year is better. I'm hopeful.

Who knows? Maybe this year we'll see an end to this stupid war. Maybe that's too hopeful.

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