Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It's a good life if you don't weaken

Here's an adorable pic of my kiddo modeling his new mama-made sweater. Just yer basic raglan (which I'm sort of the queen of now) with a couple of small cables down the front. This took me about 6 days to knit up, and he kinda hates it. Oh well. He let me put it on him long enough to take this picture. I used the yarn left over from Brian's DNA sweater. I am now deconstructing tubey up to the boobs and knitting it in stockinette for the rest of the body. Allover ribbing just isn't flattering on anyone with tummy rolls. I'm also adding some increases to give it a little bit of flair at the bottom. May do a hem at bottom or just let it roll up.

Oh, and in case it wasn't totally obvious that my hubby and I are uber-liberals, here's the shirt I bought him for his birthday.

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