Friday, January 02, 2009

Shoe fetish

I have no idea when this started or how or why, but I'm now madly in love with shoes. I think it may have sprung from my lust for the particular brand. T.U.K. which birthed both pairs of my "cat shoes."

The left is a hard leather mary jane with a bit of a heel. The right is a sneaker with a velcro face, and they're totally beat up b/c I wore them daily for 3 years (and all 9 months of pregnancy). T.U.K. shoes will last an eternity and are comfortable from day one.
And here are the ones I just got today in the mail. T.U.K. has a line of "Emily the Strange" shoes. You've probably seen some of her clothing at Hot Topic; it's adorable and slightly disturbing.

I psychotically love these shoes. They're slightly roomy, but with my mom's handknit socks (that she actually made for my hubby, and I stole) they fit like a dream.
Next, 2 pairs of shoes I bought from Payless b/c I'm not made of money, ya know. One day I said to myself, "Self, you need a pair of red mary janes." So I scoured the pre-Christmas sales and found these for less than $15. They are fabulously cutesy. The black ones I bought ages ago, and they aren't the most comfortable shoes around, but I do like that they are shiny and simple.

I will delve into my newfound love for fashion in the next post. This one got a little heavy on the pics, so I ran out of time.
In knitting, I'm almost finished with the side slip cloche from the marvelous book, "Boutique Knits." I want to make virtually everything in that book, but right now am sticking with just all the hats.

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