Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Done, Done, and Done

First up is my own design, although when I finished I realized it looks a lot like Arwen from IK, and that if I had followed that pattern, it might've been a helluva lot easier.

I used Knitpicks Merino Style in Maple Leaf. I love this yarn; it was so fabulous to knit with and really makes the cabling pop.

Next is a highly modified version of the placed cable aran from IK Fall 07. I worked it in the round from the bottom up, then worked the front and back cabling. I skipped the cowl type collar altogether, and instead of knitting flat and sewing the sleeves on, I just picked up stitches evenly around the sleeve openings and knit straight down with no decreases for a flare. I used Red Heart Soft Yarn, and this yarn is so surprisingly soft after you wash the sweater that I'll definitely use it again.

And the last is my first pair of mittens. I used the pattern for the litte flip top mittens in SNB Nation, but I realized that it's so freakin' cold out there, I'm not ever going to flip them open, so I just closed it off. I used some Lamb's Pride bulky; it's a wool/mohair blend, which I love. It's soft and fuzzy, and the colors are yummy. They only took me 2 days, which I love even more after working on mostly intricate sweaters that each took about a month to finish.

Next up, a couple of hats for the wee ones of my friends and possibly a hat or two. We shall see.

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