Tuesday, February 26, 2008

As close as I'll get to being a green beret

If you knew how very far away I was to actually being anywhere near a decent enough soldier to be a green beret, you'd laugh your ass off. In the 365 days I was in the Army, not once did I salute an officer, rarely did I show up for formation, even more rarely did I wear my uniform or treat my superior officers with anything but typical teenaged disdain. How I made it that far without brutal punishment is beyond me. I think they realized early on I was a lost cause and just sort of ignored me like one might a defiant toddler.
Oh, yes, the knitted object. This is a modifification of le slouche. I have a freakishly small head (I can wear my 4 yr old's hats), so I used size 5 needles instead of 8. Plus, the Cascade 220 that I used seemed a bit thinner than the average 220. I love this color, and now that I have hair, it's not quite as itchy.

Plus, a little future hat lust. Here in Chicagovilleland, winter is still very much upon us, as we got 6 in of snow just last night. Hats and mittens have become my newfound love affair. The chick in this band, has such a cutesie pie hat that I simply must yoink one for myself. Their music is actually pretty adorable too, but the hat is the most important thing to notice.

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