Monday, May 28, 2007

It was money, baby!

Got back from TX last night, and man alive, am I tired. There was much booze, much fam love, much friends, much yummy food. Here are the highlights.
Steph, my little baby sister, graduated high school. I got a little weepy. Yeah, I'll admit it. It wasn't until the end when the grads gave their parents roses that the waterworks began. Here we are...the 3 Tucker girls.

It was a fabulously relaxing weekend. I did a little knitting, a whole lot of lounging, and even more partying. A friend from high school threw a huge toga blowout for me and Kelly, since we hadn't all been together in more than 5 years. It's funny how when you're 21, all you talk about is college and the last party you went to. In your late 20s, however, you mostly just talk about your kids. It was sweet and crazy and Kelly surprised me by bringing over a great friend of ours from back in our partying days. Good ole' "while you're down there" Brian. Yeah, there's a story behind the name. And you probably don't wanna hear it. A few gems from that evening. It's togarrific.

But if you didn't know already, the absolute highlight of my trip was my awesome meeting of the talented yumminess that is Vince Vaughn. Gaze upon this eye candy whilst you read the story.

I was wandering through DFW on my way back to Chicago when I had a hankering for some Reese's Pieces. So I shimmied over to a little shop, and there was this massive dude standing right in the doorway with his back to me. So I scooted by him with a very polite "Excuse me" and when he stepped aside, it was Mr. Dreamboat himself. I almost swooned. I blinked in my "I just saw a celebrity" dorkiness, and when he caught me, I just smiled and said "Hi" in a much cooler voice than I thought was going to leap outta my mouth. He actually said "Hi" back like any 2 strangers would. I felt ultra mega multi cool that I didnt' geek out and try to be all "I am such a huge fan. Could you maybe, um, marry me a little?" A couple of other goons did it, and he was super sweet and signed autographs, but it was obvious he was really tired.
So, that was my trip. This week I move. Next week, I rule the world.

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