Thursday, November 16, 2006

We live to survive our paradoxes

So, here it is. Brian's Christmas sweater. I'm so in crazy love with this sweater that he'll be lucky to actually receive this gem. It's maddeningly comfortable, and the cable turned out a helluva lot better than I imagined for my first crack at 'em. The reason I look so pissed in the pic is b/c Perrin was thwacking at the camera with a broom. Don't ask.
In other news, John comes home tonight from the latest trip to Austin. If I had to do this single parent gig every day I'd be institutionalized. I miss him so.
Ooh Ooh and here's the other thing. In April, I will be taking my class to become a doula. I'm so excited about it I could wet myself. I didn't discover my true calling until I was 28 yrs old, and now that I know what I'm supposed to do on this earth (for a living I mean) I can't wait to get started. Being a mother is delightful, and I truly believe that it is the greatest gift I've ever been given, but once Perrin is in school, I'll be bored to tears. Oh, what will I do without the daily pummelings I receive from my sweet little monkey?

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helen said...

i hope everyone realizes you started the sleeves Sunday. It is now early THursday. sheesh.