Thursday, September 18, 2008

Back from the dead

Never finished the 2nd sock. Sort of stopped knitting altogether since the last post, which was an eternity ago. I like to keep really active in the summer, which means I don't sit around and knit as much. I've had so much stuff going on since I last posted. One of my sisters graduated from pharmacy school.The other one got her own place and is all growns up. I lost a friend, gained a friend. I've been to TX and South Beach. Here's a little South Beachiness for you.

Yup. That's gator in the face.
Other life stuff. Perrin spent the summer in an awesome extended summer school program and is now back in his last year of preschool. He's doing really well. He's also in a small gymnastics class for kids with special needs. He's all over the place there, but he loves it.
Anyway, now that fall is upon us, it's time to return to knitting, and thus, this little knitting blog.
I tried to knit Rosalind from A Mingled Yarn. I had all the pieces and it was a gorgeous sky blue Knitpicks Shine Sport, but when I tried numerous times to get the pieces seamed up, I was always off. I tried 4 times, and by that last time, I said "fuck it" and put it away. It's in the frog pile, b/c I'm now disgusted with it and my shitty sewing.
I'm back as knitter for hire. I'm working on a sweater for a girl who dated my hubby in college a million years ago. I also just finished a Snickers costume for my best friend Kelly.

It's super Becky Homecky, but she seems to think it's cute, so it works. I sewed 2 rectangles together and used some talented fusable tape to put on the logo, which I cut out of felt. It was a lot of fun, especially while watching season 3 of Buffy.
Next up, the fabulous February Lady Sweater, which may or may not be knitted with some frogged Mesilla Cascade 220.